A great garden starts with a great design!

Whilst quality construction of a new outdoor space is important it is just one part of the process and it is certainly not where you should begin. The design stage is both key to achieving the best result possible and is where every great garden starts.

So what is design?

Generally, it is the realization of a concept or idea into a drawing, specification, pattern or mould (on which the construction of the actual object is based upon) which helps achieve the item’s designated objective(s). Put more simply, it’s the planning stage.

This stage inevitably involves a lot of communication between client and landscape designer to identify the design goals and objectives. It will also entail analysis of the site conditions, problem solving, research and investigation. After this is completed and having regard to both aesthetics and functionality, your landscape designer will come up with a design solution and present this to you.

This process of ‘planning’ is key to constructing the most successful garden and outdoor space possible. After all a goal without a plan is just a wish!

In practical terms, the landscape design process will result in;

  1. A clear and thorough understanding of the client’s needs and wants;
  2. No chance of misunderstandings between client and landscaper;
  3. Identification of any limitations or issues with the site (e.g. drainage, limited light, bedrock) so they can be addressed and resolved with a creative design solution prior to construction (potentially saving both time and money);
  4. Suitable selection of both materials and plants which will work with the site conditions and meet the objectives of the design (e.g. style or maintenance levels)
  5. A more efficient construction stage;
  6. A functional space that can be used as intended;
  7. An outdoor space with a point of difference aesthetically.

So whether you want to know what plant is going to thrive in that shady corner, how to best utilise an uneven back yard, tips to make your courtyard feel more spacious or how to maximise garden without compromising on space, Stone Lotus Landscapes can assist. Whether it is a completely new garden from scratch, construction of a new pool or outdoor kitchen or a garden makeover, we strive to respond creatively to the particular challenges of each project, including the client needs and the site conditions.

Contact us to so we can tailor a design package to best suit your landscape project.

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