Garden Design Bondi

Stone Lotus Landscapes is a full-service design and construct landscape company based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. We have completed projects around Sydney’s eastern suburbs, including in Bondi. We specialise in designing exterior spaces that maximise tight outdoor spaces and dealing with access challenges often associated with semidetached and terrace style properties, often found in Bondi and surrounding suburbs.

We generally find our client’s in Bondi and surrounds want an outdoor space that;

  1. utilises smart design solutions to maximise space,
  2. be high impact visually and aesthetically pleasing,
  3. be crafted from high quality finishes and craftsmanship; and
  4. be low maintenance.

Often our Bondi projects consist of smart frontages that make the right first impression, tidy side pathways, courtyards and small gardens which include both outdoor dining and lounging spaces and an outdoor kitchen/BBQ solution.

Garden Designer

Your local garden designer in Bondi is just a phone call away. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation at a time that suits you. Our designer will sit down with you to:

  1. Discuss your requirements
  2. Come up with a unique garden design
  3. Carry out construction
  4. Provide regular maintenance

A hugely important part of garden design in Bondi is plant selection. Plant selection must not only compliment and further the overall style and design intent of the project but must also suit the specific environmental factors of the site, such as lighting, drainage, soil quality, garden bed depth. The most common planting styles used in Bondi and surrounds are lush tropical, sub-tropical or coastal gardens featuring hardy succulent based planting schemes.  Being based in and having the majority of our clients based in Bondi and surrounding suburbs means we are attuned to what will look great and thrive in projects in this area.

Landscape Contractor

With Stone Lotus, you will have the convenience of dealing with one contractor who will take care of everything from start to finish. The mission of our landscape design in Bondi is to:

  1. Understand your requirements
  2. Finalise the layout once you are happy with it
  3. Ensure timely project completion
  4. Give us a ring and let’s talk about your design requirements.

A good outdoor space is a vital extension of your home. It can be many things; a quiet sanctuary, a kids soccer field, a mini farm producing fresh herbs and veges, a bustling second living and entertaining area. Either way, I love that what I do not only improves the look and size of my client’s property but can also have a real impact on how they live their lives and improve their overall wellbeing

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