Easiest Flowers to Care for Your in Sydney Garden

The last frost is finally past. The snow that had once frozen your wonderful garden has now melted and seeped into the soil, but now your garden is bare, and you want something; a sprinkle of vivid color, a dash of life. What is better than to plant flowers in your garden? If it’s your first time dealing with garden design Sydney, fret not—there are easy-to-care-for flowers out there that don’t require as much high maintenance as you might think.


Marigolds are one of the easiest annuals to grow, and the perfect bedding plant. An annual simply means that the flower’s lifespan is in a single entire season—seed, to bloom, to seed again. Marigolds bloom in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Associated with passion and creativity, they come in beautiful and lively orange, yellow, and brass colors, perfectly fitting for each of the seasons it’s in bloom for. They grow fairly quickly, and sprout within a week.


A flower always facing the sun, and a symbol of adoration, the bright yellow Sunflower blooms in the summer season. The best thing about these is that they aren’t too fussy when it comes to soil. When planting sunflower seeds, be sure to sow them in a straight line directly in the garden. Because they grow so tall, you’ll need to support the stems once they start to grow—and they do so fast too, sprouting within a week. Just be sure to give each sunflower plenty of room to grow, so plant them a good 2 feet apart. In addition, want to know something else? They can be harvested for seeds. When the head turns brown in the back, they are ready for harvest. You’ll have a nice bowl of sunflower seeds in no time.


Known for its goodness and meaning of daily remembrance, the Zinnia is another one of the easiest annuals to grow in your garden. They are fast-sprouters, require little care, and bloom in a variety of colors in the summer, i.e. red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and white. Zinnias are like a green light for bees and butterflies, so they’ll bring a lively and beautiful part of nature to your garden. They can be planted in full sun beds and containers.


The epitome of elegance—the Dahlia flower is a beautiful addition to any garden. They bloom in the summertime, and come in red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and white. They love daylight, thriving underneath the sun, so it would be best to plant them where they can receive the most sunlight. You don’t even need to worry about watering the soil until the plant itself appears.

A flower that symbolizes peace and tranquility, cosmos are another easy to grow annual. They come in red, pink, orange, and white, and grow in the summer and fall seasons. Cosmos are strong flowers that can tolerate warm and dry weather. They grow pretty fast, and when planting them you’ll want to set them 2 feet apart. Be sure to water them regularly, but be wary of over-watering them. These beautiful flowers have a knack for attracting birds, bees, and butterflies, so with the cosmos in your garden, you’ll never be without the calm wildlife.

Growing and catering to your garden in the suburbs is a wonderful, creative, and above all, therapeutic process for anyone who has the time and patience to do it. The aforementioned flowers are wonderful choices to get started with—you will love your new garden!