Need a Garden Designer in Sydney? Stone Lotus Landscapes Can Help

Are you looking for a garden designer in Sydney? Landscaping and garden design can accomplish multiple goals at the same time. Good design can address both form and function, offering not just great aesthetics but also water management, climate modification, air quality, food production, and habitat creation in one fell swoop. In fact, you should consider the planning and design of your outdoor space an integral part of your home’s overall design, especially if sustainability is one of your goals. At Stone Lotus Landscapes, we offer complete landscape solutions, including design, construction, styling, and maintenance.

Tips for Getting More Value from Your Sydney Garden Design

Your garden is an everyday part of your home and life, and it is the first thing people see when they come to your home. You want your garden to look great and provide a space for relaxing, entertaining, and generally enjoying your outdoor space. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your Sydney garden designer.

  • Create a centre. There’s no reason for your garden to be an expansive, empty, dull space. Instead, consider using it as a central access point to other features of your landscape. 
  • Make your garden work for you. Put your garden to work, helping you unify the various colours and shapes in your landscape. For example, an area of healthy turf can draw the eye to lushly planted flowerbeds along the perimeter, creating a lovely contrast of colours. 
  • Maintain space for family activities. If your family enjoys an active lifestyle, be sure that your garden provides plenty of room for running around. Informal arrangements of blooming plants can make a beautiful frame. 
  • Have a seat and relax. Be sure to create opportunities to enjoy all the work you’ve put into your garden. Add a bench or other seating in a shady spot where you can relax at the end of a hard day and take in the subtle details of your newly-designed landscape.

What Sets Stone Lotus Landscapes Apart Regarding Garden Designers in Sydney

When you work with Stone Lotus Landscapes, you’ll find that we do things a bit differently. We put our customers first, focusing on their lifestyle and the enjoyment they’ll get out of their garden over time. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from the competition:

  • Experience. We’ve been doing what we do for nearly a decade, and we’ve learned a lot about how to create landscapes tailored to our customers’ wants and needs. 
  • Quality work. We provide high-end external space renovations – not just some decking or paving. We are professional designers and horticulturists with experience designing a variety of gardens. 
  • Convenience and peace of mind. We all know how frustrating it can be to try and communicate with multiple contractors and coordinate schedules. When you work with us, you’ll deal with just one contractor for every part of your project, from start to finish.

About Stone Lotus Landscapes

Stone Lotus Landscapes is a fully-licensed boutique construction and landscape design company based in the Sydney area. We have a natural passion for outdoor living, and we love helping our customers create lovely and functional garden spaces to enjoy. We will work with you to be sure that we understand what you want, and we’ll tailor your designs to your preferences, space, and budget. Contact us today to discuss your project.