How to Up Your Home’s Street Appeal with Landscaping

With the Sydney property market booming there are so many people wanting in but at the same time there are also many looking to sell while the market is hot.  Ask any real estate agent for their tips on maximising your potential return and they are bound to mention street appeal. After all first impressions count.

Despite this, our front yards can sometime be overlooked with the more practical and often used areas of the home such as internal rooms and backyard, taking priority.  However, a good landscaping solution can play a major part in upping your home’s street appeal and here are a few simple steps to help you get started.


The organic shapes of plants and trees can contrast and soften the strong angular façade of your home.  Usually, the structure of a building consists primarily of straight vertical and horizontal lines and flat walls.  Plants with their myriad of shapes and non-confirmative growth habits add softer lines and organic shapes to the façade.  Textures created by different leaf patterns also add interest to what would otherwise be vast flat rendered or brick walls.

In addition, plants add colour to your homes façade.  Plant foliage not only comes in every shade of green, but also blues, purples, deep reds, yellows, like the below specimens and that’s without even considering flowers.

Randwick Before and After - by Stone Lotus Landscapes
Randwick Before and After – by Stone Lotus Landscapes

Speaking of flowers, making an entrance doesn’t have to be all about visual impact either. The sense of smell has long be linked to memory recall and association. So while you’re at it while not make a front yard that’s not only easy on the eye but the nose as well? When it comes to plant selection pick plants that not only look great but are aromatic to create a signature scent for your home.  Jasmine, Gardenia, Magnolia, Lavender, Frangipani, various Lilly species are some great examples. Coming to visit or just passing by on the street will become an even more pleasant and memorable experience.


As much as planting can improve the façade of your home, a rundown or out of control jungle can detract from street appeal.  So this is where great planning and design comes in to ensure the needs of your front garden (which is always on show) matches the level of time and effort you can commit to your front yard.

Unless you plan on spending every second or third weekend in the garden mowing, pruning, weeding or trimming we recommend you keep your landscape design and garden relatively low maintenance.  This may mean pebbles, a ground cover plant, artificial grass, water smart plants or plants that do not require a lot of trimming and do not drop leaves.


Well this one is self-explanatory and relates closely to the point above.   An appropriate design for your circumstances will assist greatly in this regard.  If all else fails call in the professionals.  At Stone Lotus Landscapes we more than happy to help you with some one-off maintenance or alternatively one of our horticulturists can devise an ongoing maintenance plan to suit your garden.


Queens Park - Stone Lotus Landscapes
Queens Park – Stone Lotus Landscapes

Add a focal point; something to be admired which makes your home stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved with soft landscaping, such as a feature tree or plant.  Think a deep red Japanese maple.

Alternatively, the feature could be created through hard landscaping, such as a water feature, letterbox, a patterned encaustic tile pathway or perhaps some pots and planters.  Pots and planters are great because there is so many varieties out there and they are relatively inexpensive and can be changed easily.

And most importantly, HAVE SOME FUN with it.

Queens Parks Park by Stone Lotus Landscapes