Plant Of The Moment

There is a lot to admire about this evergreen succulent shrub originally from South Africa. However, we’re calling it “plant of the moment” now, mostly because of the much needed colour injection it provides this time of year with its vibrant red, orange or yellow flowering spires.

Aloe Aborescens - Stone Lotus Landscapes
Aloe Aborescens – Stone Lotus Landscapes

Aptly referred to as “Candelabra Aloe” the bright fiery tubular to bell shaped flowering cones appear like flames dancing atop an elaborate candelabra of long delicate stems crowned by rosettes of bluish green leaves armed with small spikes.

This spectacular display can be seen throughout winter with flowering from April through to August.

Growth Habits and Care

It grows at a slow to medium rate in a spreading upright weeping habit and matures at about 2-3m high and wide.

Like most succulents they prefer well drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Typically, they do well in Sydney as they are drought, heat, salt spray and light frost tolerant (other admirable qualities). Grow them in the garden or in planters, making sure the pot chosen fits the ultimate size of the plant.

Their foliage structure and height brings a unique architectural quality to a garden design. We think they look great in succulent gardens or tropical style landscapes.

In Australia, a wide variety of Aloe hybrids are grown and sold by Aloe-Aloe.  Aloe Aloe’s major retailers include Bunnings, Masters and Mitre 10.

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Aloe Garden (image via pinterest)
Aloe Garden (image via pinterest)