Year: 2020

We designed a low maintenance, free flowing coastal garden,  combined with a porphyry crazy paved driveway,  that not only suits this homes location, but also juxtaposes and softens the uniformity and sharp architectural lines of this beautiful modern build.

Material & Plant Palette

Porphyry crazy paving

Spotted gum

Australian sandstone

Client Testimonial

“We can not recommend Stone Lotus Landscaping highly enough! Andrew and the team were so helpful in terms of coming up with garden design, plant choices, fencing, and driveway. We both know next to nothing when it comes to landscaping/gardening maintenance and the team were so great in taking the time to explain a number of different options to meet our budget.

Further to this, once the work began the team were so quick and efficient in getting the job done! Our home was a new build, and the landscaped the entire back/front yards, down both sides of the house, laid a beautiful crazy pave driveway and built a custom stone mailbox with a succulent garden on top.

We’re so happy with the end result – Stone Lotus have exceeded all expectations and we can’t thank them enough!”  Krista Henriques 2020