Year: 2018

Our client’s were after a robust, fairly low maintenance space to entertain friends and family. As camping enthusiasts,  a fire pit/fire place was flagged as a necessary inclusion from the start.   They termed the overall look and feel of the garden they wanted to achieve as “Australian Cottage”.   We interpreted this to mean a relaxed multi layered and textured free flowing garden.  But without some of the maintenance required of a flowering or fruit bearing cottage garden.

 Utilising all available space, the bench seat which appears to float among the plants, is positioned perfectly to catch the afternoon sun and beckons one into the garden. The curved bench detail combined with the feathery textures and mounded shapes of the planting contrast and soften a lot of hardscaping elements in this project. We think the eclectic mix of plant varieties (although mainly coastal varieties) and the free flowing nature of the garden bed combined with the crushed granite give a cottage garden feel.

The subtle and colour palette of this project is something a little bit different. Whilst the basis is still a classic colour palette of greys, whites and light timbers, there are also smatterings of blue that connect with the deep blue trims of the exterior façade.  The plant selection obviously plays a major role in this. Also Dulux monument on the boundary fence whilst primarily a dark grey also has to a tendency to throw slivery-blue hues when sunlit.  Styling accents such as cushions and pots further enhance this and overall we think the ambience is one of tranquillity and calm.

Materials / Finishes:

Limestone paving

Cumaru screening and bench seat

Crushed Granite

Dulux Monument

Olive Trees (Olea Europea)

Blue Chalk sticks (Senecio Serpens),

Strobilanthes gossypinus ,

Cotton Lavender (Santolina chamaecyparissus). 


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