Randwick Secret Garden

Year: 2020

We transformed a very dated and dysfunctional outdoor space with privacy issues into one that’s much more appealing and functional.

We levelled out multiple level changes to make better use of the space.  The custom bench seating is perfectly positioned to catch the sunlight, it creates an inclusive and social garden and it frames and retains overflowing garden beds.   Previously fully paved, we added a small turf area which visually helps to soften but most importantly creates a place of play for this young family to enjoy.

Always with a view to minimise waste and to reduce cost we reused existing sandstone blocks on site to create new raised garden beds.  Subtle geometric details add interest and ties in with the contemporary renovation of this semi.

Material & Plant Palette

Laser cut screen

Existing sandstone blocks

Spotted Gum

Limestone paving

Dulux Monument

Frangipani (Plumeria)

Native Ginger (Alpinia Nutans)

Strobilanthes Gossypinus

Ligularia Reniformis