Create an Oasis with Pool Landscaping in Sydney

Pool landscaping in Sydney can be challenging and not something for the inexperienced gardener. Our skilful team of professional landscape designers and horticulturalists work around existing features, such as a pool, when they design your outdoor living area. We work closely with you to ensure your lifestyle and requirements are incorporated into the design throughout the entire project.

What Sets Stone Lotus Landscapes Apart Regarding Pool and Landscape Design in Sydney

Stone Lotus Landscapes is unique for the following reasons: 

  • High quality results – Our team focuses on providing each client with high quality results, regardless of the project size. Projects incorporating both a pool and landscaping in Sydney allow our designers to help you create both an entertaining and relaxing space. 
  • Small spaces – Our designers love the challenge of working with small spaces. We collaborate with you to find solutions that make the most of the space you have and make it as versatile as possible. Small spaces can be multi-functional, allowing for both relaxing and entertaining, with careful planning and innovation.
  • Outdoor living – Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home, not an afterthought. To ensure our clients get the most out of their garden, we strive to understand your lifestyle and vision for your garden. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, bar area, lounge, or a combination, we want you to choose to be in the garden every day. To enjoy your garden every day, you must want to be in the garden. Our designers ensure your completed project is a space where you look forward to spending time.

We want our clients to feel as passionate about their outdoor living spaces as we do, or at least enjoy spending time in them.

Problems Stone Lotus Landscapes Addresses

Hiring a landscape architect is essential when addressing the following challenges:

  • Not everyone has the time or desire to maintain a garden. You have a couple of options, install a low maintenance garden, or hire someone else to perform the maintenance. When you meet with your landscape designer, ensure they understand your choice. By installing a garden that is manageable for you, or the people you hire, you’ll ensure your garden thrives and continues to look its best.
  • For the amateur gardener, designing a garden when dealing with uneven terrain is challenging. When working on your pool and garden design in Sydney, our designers can level the ground. They may incorporate terracing or different areas in the garden that take advantage of the natural curves in the garden. Depending on your requirements and budget, an alternative is to smooth out the terrain before installing your garden. Regardless of the option you take, you should work with a professional landscape designer to ensure that any water that falls on the property will be directed away from areas where it could cause damage. 
  • Lack of privacy can be an issue in many urban areas. Homes that are built close together, or apartment buildings overlooking your garden can allow neighbours to interfere with your relaxation or entertaining. A designer can incorporate elements into your landscape that act as visual or sound barriers. They may include elements such as fencing or privacy walls, large trees or bushes, and water features.

There are many more landscaping problems that an experienced designer could address, but these are some of the most common.

About Stone Lotus Landscapes

Stone Lotus Landscapes is a full-service landscape company, from initial consultation through to providing regular or one-off maintenance services. Our team works with you to determine how our services can meet your requirements and create both a practical and beautiful garden.

Contact us to learn more about how we help with your landscaping challenges.